Simply put, I was waiting to live. Young, capable, and free to pursue my own American Dream I decided to walk into a more deliberate life.

On April Fool's Day 2016 (age 26) I quit my engineering job in my home state of Ohio, drove to San Diego, and sold my car when I got there. For the six months that followed, I hiked 2,650 continuous miles between the U.S. border of Mexico and the U.S. border of Canada along the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT).

During my hike I made a personal resolution to find a way to continue living with a goal oriented mentality after the PCT.  I needed a goal I could start immediately after reaching Canada by foot. More importantly I needed a goal I could string together with as little income as possible. Every penny I got in exchange for that car was spent on the pursuit of the PCT.

Then I thought of the Million Dollar Mountain. 

Why do people climb Mt. Everest? There's no one answer, but there's magic in that number, the height of the mountain on Earth taller than the rest. In a similar, but not directly comparable way, there's magic in the figure "One Million Dollars".

Why not go for it?

Pursuing a net worth of one million dollars would test my person in ways not yet challenged by my long distance cycling or hiking adventures.

On the trail I drew up a business plan, got a handful of friends from college to buy in (non-equity holding agreements), and here I am.

The next step is to convert the van into a living space, complete with toilet, shower, and stove. From there I will live in the van while I pursue my next goal, the Million Dollar Mountain.

This website serves as a partial record of my life's adventures. My experiences related to a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail and also an earlier solo bicycle trip across the United States in 2011 are covered in separate blogs on this site. The Million Dollar Mountain is covered on the Van Blog.

Read, write, share, and rock on!