The Bike Blog

During the summer of 2011 I rode a bicycle 4,200 miles by myself between Virginia and Oregon over a period of 60 days. On August 9, 2011 I hit the Pacific Ocean  (link to blog post: Brave, Crazy, Mostly Young). From there I rode another 300 miles up the Left Coast to Seattle. The miles and the memories are all captured here with a collection of daily blog posts.

The content of my original blog ( has been transferred here. 

About the Trip (pre-trip, 2011)

The success of my journey will be measured by the number of days I spend without wearing underwear. (I've  been a fan of the best first line in novels for some time. Since I won't be writing anything in paper back anytime soon, the first line of this blog is my bid for nomination). 

From June 11th throughout the entire month of August of 2011 I am going to saddle up and see how far I can get across the United States on a bicycle. My friends suggested I blog about my experience as a chance to record my thoughts and allow others to follow along from afar as the whole thing unfolds.

As a rider I'm inexperienced. As a randonneur I'm not applicable. In fact I purchased my bike just 30 days before my scheduled departure. I don't have the money for this trip as I'm just your typical college student overextending himself on student loans (Civil Engineering, Ohio University). But none of these are valid excuses because since the years when the West Was Won Americans like me still need a way to Manifest Destiny.

I've got that itch to just go West. This is my outlet; this is my chance to be an Asphalt Cowboy. I'm trading in my Civic for a Masi and my underwear for biking shorts.I'll be traveling the already established and well traveled TransAmerica Trail from east to west. I'll be updating this blog with thoughts and pictures daily throughout the trip with my iPhone. Keep in touch.

(link to bike equipment below)