As I kind of alluded to in the "About the Trip" tab, my cycling experience is limited. I haven't really rode a bike since middle school, maybe earlier. So the task to take on a 4,000 mile journey may seem daunting but I'm not blinking twice. In my defense I've ran 2-3 times a week pretty consistently for the last few years and even lifted weights with some regularity to prevent from blowing away with the wind. To the point, I feel that I am in good overall shape.

I'm looking to ride myself into biking shape pretty quickly. The first step is getting that feel for the bike. I've been riding everyday since I took the plunge on the new Masi, even if it's just for 5-10 miles. My free time is limited since school is still in session; the most I've accomplished so far is load up about 30 lbs of school books in my panniers and ride 30 miles on consecutive days.

The process has been pretty painless so far in terms soreness. I've adjusted to the saddle almost instantly. I know I have to increase my mileage before setting off in less than a month. I'm going continue to use these Appalachian foothills to my advantage. While my friends head off to Hilton Head Memorial Day Weekend, I'm going to try and pull of my first 60 mile day. I'll report on that day trip next weekend.


A photo from today's ride.