All Revved up with No Place to Go

I'm getting restless. After a late night catching the midnight release of the Hangover II, I missed my first class of the quarter and only class of the day. School has definitely shifted to my peripheral vision as I focus on the challenge that awaits. It's really sinking in that Yorktown, Virginia is only two weeks away and that this summer, God willing, will be one for the autobiography. I did two things relevant to the trip today. Courtesy of the legendary Sam Walton, I was able to cross the remaining items off my equipment list (as well as satisfy all of my grocery needs at everyday low low prices). I also setup my collapsable home for the first time.

Setting up the tent before I left was important because I can count the number of times I've setup a tent on one hand. I'm happy to report that it practically put itself together. Within five minutes I had the thing staked to the ground and was already gathering some strange looks from the neighbors.



The tent rolls into a bag 18 inches long, maybe 5 inches in diameter. It is the widest part of my load but I actually selected this particular tent because it packed so well and was the same width as my handlebars. While I was playing around with my new gear, I unrolled my sleeping bag, just to make sure it actually fit back into the same bag it came in. This little guy was only about 11 inches long and 6 inches in diameter. The tent and bag only weigh in at about 4 and 2 pounds respectively (very light for travel).

After I put the camping gear back into travel mode I weighed down my bike with all the contents essential for touring. I attached the head/brake lights, packed my clothing into the panniers, and poured in the goods (everything from protein bars to dental floss). The bike rides well all loaded up and I can say that the books I've been riding with lately proved to be an appropriate supplement to the real deal.