The First 367.5 miles

Twelve maps bundled together by a single rubber band will be my guide to the west coast. The first map covers just over 350 miles from Yorktown to Christiansburg, VA. Besides following the route, everything's up in the air. 20110602-105110.jpg

On the first day I will be riding right through the heart of Colonial Williamsburg. Its not my first time visiting so I'll probably skip out on the tour, making time for a ride around the College of William & Mary, which I have not had the chance to see.

File:Old Capitol Building - Williamsburg.png

Along the way I plan to pass through the University of Virginia which is located in Charlottesville. The university is in the same city as the former home to U.S. Presidents Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe. Blacksburg is allegedly six miles off the route; weather permitting I'll be checking out Virginia Tech.

Outside of getting a small taste of the universities of Virginia and maybe getting a peak at Monticello if I'm feeling spry, I expect the first map to be uneventful. The elevation changes are pretty tame in the first half of the map. As the foothills become mountains in the second map I'm sure the ride will become punishing.