Somebody Check Me for Ticks

I picked one off my arm on my way out of breakfast. I picked another off my leg on my way into the shower. I've never had to deal with the things in Ohio, but down here they have made their presence known. Ticks, I see you, and I accept your challenge. It was a hot one today. Not nearly as humid as the past week has been, the temperature hovered in the high 80s until after dinner. I hustled and bustled through some hilly stretches placing me at Devil's Kitchen Lake. To my dismay, there's not even a vending machine to be found.


Tomorrow afternoon I expect to finish the third map, putting me 1/4 through the paper stack. I hope to be camping on the state line of Illinois and Missouri tomorrow night (Chester). I would like to get a sticker for my bike, I have three so far that represent the states I've ridden in (Ohio, Virginia, and Kentucky). I've got one from Athens Cycle Path, where I got my bike, one from Small Country Camping in Virginia (my favorite campground owners so far, Bill and Ruth), and another from Mammoth Cave. At the very least my stop in Carbondale will get me a sticker of a Saluki (The mascot of Southern Illinois University, located in Carbondale).

I'm pleased to say that tonight's stop at Devil's Kitchen Lake brings my total sleeping expenses to $12 for the past three nights. Things are getting cheaper as I move West. Inspired by some cyclists I met in Sebree (Tony and Emily), I'm looking forward to settling into some ditches in Kansas for the night.

Things are going great, I'm living the life. And as always; you stay classy San Diego.