I'm Still Not Wearing Underwear

Who moves the remote when you're not looking? Where do missing socks go? Who is Mike Jones? I don't know the answers to these questions; I do know who goes to your local city park when it rains, me. Timing is everything, and today I nailed my routine with a railroad spike using John Henry's hammer. Within minutes of putting in my order at Taco Bell, a light drizzle put and end to the blistering heat in the town of Houston, Missouri. Another 90+ degree day transformed into a 70 degree evening.

The pool had cleared out by the time I had arrived, giving way to another peaceful evening. A local man named Don pulled up to have a chat. He's used to seeing cyclists from all over pass through and I was excited to hear he'd like to one day help set up accommodations for cyclists in town.


I can't stress enough how special the people are on this trip. It's amazing how open anyone and everyone is to a guy on a bike. Naturally I feel that I communicate well so I'm just having a blast living in a world where a conversation can break out at any moment.

The experience is actually similar to my time at Best Buy. My bike, in much the same way the Best Buy blue shirt, gives me permission to talk to anyone and invites conversation on topics the customers (people) think I will be knowledgeable of. At points for the remainder of the ride I will attempt to devise a method to bring this blue shirt authority to everyday life.

Speaking of people, I met two more cyclists on the move to Virginia. In passing I was able to pick up the name of Chris and Jess' Blog (http://Travelpod.com/members/chrisjess2011). I'd also like to post the blog address of Mike and Joan, who I'd shared time with between Sebree and Cave in Rock (http://www.crazyguyonabike.com/doc/?o=RrzKj&doc_id=8191&v=4l).

Although the Continental Congress resolved on July 2nd (a fact I picked up this fall at the Liberty Bell when I road-tripped to go see my Ohio Bobcats beat Temple), we celebrate July 4th. Independence Day is probably my second favorite holiday, behind Christmas. Even though I'm spending the holiday without friends or family, I'm making it a bonus mission to see fireworks. According to the homepage of Marshfield, MO, there will be fireworks July 4th. God willing the rain will hold off and I will see a little showmanship courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue.