We'll Leave the Light on For You

20110714-010322.jpg The two women were relieved to see me remove my hat and sun glasses upon entering the bank. I can just imagine scenes of their training video playing in their head. They were confused, but later delighted, by my request for twelve-hundred pennies.

If you're just joining my adventure, the pennies pertain to an unaccommodating event that occurred back in Golden City, MO. It cost me $10 to ship the $12 to cover the bill (but heck I saved that just by staying at a Motel 6 on their weekday rates). If you know me well, you'll know that I will not miss a good opportunity to spice up life a little bit. Here's to you small businesses of America!


I've enjoyed my ride around the city today. The one way streets are a stark contrast to some of the one lane roads I've been on that work both ways. When I graduate from college next year (knock on wood), I hope to find a job and a place to live that are within biking distance of each other. It's a healthier, more environmentally and cost conscious, decision. Had you asked me about such a plan just a year ago, I would have told you I hadn't given it any thought. Chalk another one up as serendipity.

I like taking it easy, but it's only 1:30 pm Mountain Time and I'm already itching to go. My body needs the rest, so I'll wait to scratch it until tomorrow. I'm going to see Horrible Bosses, and if that's not enough, I'll check out Transformers 3. That should keep me occupied.

Pueblo's a nice city, I enjoy the layout and the weather. But just like everywhere else I've been so far, I've just got to tip my cap and say God Bless; I'm a rambling man.


WARNING: The following is an off day rant inspired by the people of Pueblo, CO that may offend some readers. I personally believe it shouldn't offend you but I can see how it could. If you're only interested in my progress across America, stop reading here.


There are situations in life where the minority plays a much larger role than their statistical representation. I call this an overwhelming minority. In these instances the minority is more visible than the majority. For example, Miami University (of Ohio, even though they were there first) has a student body that has less than 50% participation in Greek Life. If you were to ask someone who goes to school there, or goes to college elsewhere in the state of Ohio, they will attest that "everybody that goes to Miami is in a frat or sorority". This reaction occurs because they people that make themselves seen, either in the classroom or on a Friday night, participate in Greek Life.

I bring this up because a similar story is unfolding in cities across the US. No, I'm not talking about "Bros", I'm talking about Mexicans. Fast food, bars, motels, landscaping, construction, and front porches, are all being manned by the minority. You see them everywhere. Before your political correctness filter goes off, let me explain.

I don't believe in racism. It doesn't exist. I have a very rational, long thought out proof of this claim (ask me in person), but in short, you'll never find someone whom by visually analyzing a 1" x 1" swatch of skin will be able to recount the blood line of the past 5,000 years, much less isolate the most recent country of origin.

I bring this up because of the contentious topic that is illegal immigration. I've seen them in person. I've talked to them. I've talked to people that hire them, in life and on this trip. In Kansas I might add, there are way too many Mexicans for me to not get fired up. It's Kansas! Again it's not their race or their skin color (trust me I could pass as a Mexican if I wanted to, and boy think about how that little white lie would alter your perception of what I'm writing). The culture of the people south of the border is to work to live, but live to exist. It's a hybrid between exist to exist lifestyle of the Indians, and the work, but don't work too hard culture of the Spanish.

The culture that this next generation of immigrants bring to this country is not beneficial, and does not fit on top of the foundation we've laid in the first 200 years. Certainly there are exceptions, as with anything in life. But these immigrants are simply looking for the next easiest place where they can work to exist. Had that been Guatemala, then by God they would be there.

This rant relates to my disdain for society using coincidence as a crutch. This country has never been about existing. This country as been about the individual. And the individual will always outrun the pack. Thats the equation that has made us who we are.

I know people don't think about this, but why didn't the French, the Spanish, the British, or the indians make America? Why was it the individuals that made America? It's because on an individual level, they will use the freedom to be themselves. And every once in a while, when someone operates with no limitations on themselves, you'll get diamond out of the rough (you've got to be looking in the right rough too). They can carry their family and friends with them just on imagination and effort. You get more of these guys and all of a sudden you've got some Founding Fathers that can put a nation on their back and take down the British.

You might say, "Oh well the Mexicans can be 'themselves' if given freedom." I respond with the majority of that minority cannot given their cultural assignment (certainly isolated from birth, things would be different). An individual adapts to its surroundings. They do what it takes to succeed whether that's in America or on Mars. The border hoppers of the new millennium come to speak their own language, they don't pay taxes, they pawn their future off on their children (They say I'm just here so my kids can have a better life. Well I say you sure aren't acting like it. You can apply for immigration the legal way and have your kids wait in Mexico. It'll probably take them 18 years to get into college anyways. They'll get in by then.)

They're not here to be individuals, they're here to be Mexicans. For America that is unfortunate, because the people of Mexico lived right next to that very same border for thousands of years (yes I'm aware they've change management a few times). Why is it reasonable to think that now when we've created a nation of ultimate freedom that they are coming with the intentions of maintaining that freedom? Where were they before 1776? Why isn't Mexico the most powerful nation in the world? They're just here for the free beer (figuratively). They're here to be Mexicans.

That's my off-day rant. Longer than a regular rant, but that's because I have had more time to write. I'm always thinking about these issues. I have very few fears in this world. Off hand I can only think of being trapped in a cave collapse, and America crumbling before my very eyes. I know it's not just the illegal immigrants to blame, we have our own sheep (of all shapes, sizes, and colors) in this country. But that's a conversation for another day. I'll be here if you care to listen.

For now I'll keep the abrasive topics to a minimum for those with the sole interest of monitoring my progress across America.