Hot Sulphur Springs

20110717-063138.jpg I was up until about midnight talking with the guys that live at Riverside. Each one is a native to another part of the U.S. (and Canada). For one reason or another they wound up here. It was another night, hanging out with people I'll never see again. It's been a scene repeated many times this summer. It's one of those little things that I'm really going to miss when I punch my plane ticket.

I headed out at about 9. As the day progressed, the plan became to camp along the Colorado River at Hot Sulphur Springs. I passed quite a few National Park related free camping sites today. This would be the last one near a town for 60 miles (although this spot was owned by the city). Actually, Hot Sulphur Springs will be the last town for 60 miles in general (on route).

When I arrived, things changed just a little bit. The bed and breakfast was the only restaurant open, besides the roadside food stand (The woman sucked at the food stand, one of those take it or leave it types that is only in business because there's nothing for miles. The prices were unreasonable, even for the area's location, so I got bottled water and moved on. To give you an idea, while I was waiting in line, a man came back up with his ice cream cone and had to ask if what he got was actually a medium. I don't support those hack jobs when I can avoid them.). Anyways I mentioned where I was staying to a man named Paul in the restaurant. He said that I could just set my tent up outside the Stagecoach Bed and Breakfast (great folks, they're very welcoming to not only cyclists, but all of their guests). Apparently the site I was going to stay at was pinched between a railroad, and swamped with mosquitoes.

There wasn't much action today, just 50 or so miles of divine scenery. This place is definitely Disney World for the nature enthusiast (which I'm not really sure if I am or not, but I enjoy it none-the-less). Everywhere I looked there was a river, a mountain, a canyon, or a combination of the three. Its flat out majestic.

The Weekend Warriors were in full force today, back in their Subarus. I have to imagine they drive in from Denver to enjoy the time that is to be had in the mountains. There's not really anywhere to work in this stretch of land (unless you're an Internet tycoon), so I guess you just have to get your fix when you can.

I took quite a few pictures because if all goes well, I'll be in Wyoming tomorrow. It's tough to capture the landscape on a cellphone but I tried my best. You really owe it to yourself to come and check Colorado out first hand.