Down with the Sickness

What a difference a day can make. Today was not that day. The wind is infuriating. It's like someone syphoning your gas tank, spitting it in your face, and then offering to steer while your push your car to the nearest BP. I made it 67 miles to a campground which happened to be located on the Wind Indian Reservation (you know I'm going to talk about that). The first place to eat though wasn't until Lander, 58 miles after my pancake breakfast (I had what may be one of the largest pancakes in America).


At breakfast I met a couple from Yuma, Colorado (like 3:10 to Yuma, Yuma) that shared my views on on the word deserve. It's nice to see heads nod when I come off a bit preachy instead of the usual befuddlement (this would be a good time to tell you all my proof of how the downfall of America delineates from the word deserve, but instead I'm compelled to tell you about my disgust about Indian Reservations).

Exiting Lander, I made a quick entry into the Wind Indian Reservation. I did not see a teepee, or even an outhouse for that matter. Instead, pick a suburb USA split-levels dotted the landscape. There was a casino, and the rest of the Indians (yes Indians, if they're Native Americans then so am I) that didn't live in houses lived in your typical mobile home. Riding into the campground I was a little shocked to discover the owners where the "white man". LouAnne and Joe have owned the place off the intersection of 132 and 287 for thirty years (awesome people, a real American couple). Apparently there was a time when the Indians were allowed to sell (deed) the land that was given to them (first big red flag, I thought these people didn't "own" land). Anyways I had a great conversation with them, and even got into Joe's two attempts at running for office, only to be snubbed by 330 same day, first time, registrants, after winning the primary.

I am deeply disturbed by the function of the Indian Reservation. I have already forgotten about the frustration that builds from riding in the wind, but it's issues like this I take with me everyday. If the purpose of the Indian Reservation was to preserve the "culture" that the Indians, and apparently some "white men", believed was so valuable then that ship has sailed. They drive cars; they have cellphones. They intermarry between rival tribes. Heck, the government even pays them dividends for the use of the oil on "their" land (Are you @&$!ing kidding me!).

If I was President of the United States, one of the many things I would do in the first 100 days is put a cellphone block on all Indian Reservations, cut all access to city water, sewer, and electricity. And then I would fine the tribe organizations (the ones that are funded by "grant" money), for every single person that left the reservation within the following year. They'd be out of business before you left the blackjack table (Where do they get their money from?)

What a joke these people are. Don't let yourself be bullied by a minority, just for the simple fact that they are a minority. These people have their game so messed up I don't know whether to blame them or the "white man". One thing I know for sure is that Mother Nature was never going to run a power line through North America, or invent the iPhone; it's time to put up or shut up.

All frustrations aside, I can still appreciate how special this summer is. Tomorrow is never promised so I thank God for today, no matter how unbelievably tough it is. I work hard because I know there are people that never got the chance to. I'm making the most out of my life with not just every action, but every thought. I pray that the freedom of this country will outlast the great nations that have fallen before it. And you better believe I will work to make sure that happens.