Life Goes on for a Little Bitty While

The hills make you strong. The wind makes you mean. All I can do is drink a beer and ask, "Is that all you got?". A waitress in Jeffrey City tried to make light of the situation yesterday, she jested, "Wyoming doesn't blow. Kansas sucks." It wasn't as bad as the previous two bouts, but the wind on top of my weakened state really wore on me. If it was easy to cry I probably would have. I'm another 67 miles closer to the Pacific but it wasn't much fun at all.

I did have a nice start to the day though. I talked with Lou Anne over breakfast for about two hours. I didn't leave until 10. By the end I got pretty much the whole life story, how an ex-Army Brat wound up in Wyoming. It's amazing how a lifes worth of tough decisions can be covered in one coffee table conversation. They're really great people, and to think they've been in business or thirty years charging people like me $5.40. Apparently they've got a lot more sense than the state of Virginia.

I'll be in National Park territory for the next few days. I can't expect much for cellphone service or wifi so we'll just have to play the blog by ear. I'll still write, we'll just have to wait and see if I can update it the same day. Stay strong; God Bless America.