The Life

It's amazing what you can find in America when you're not looking. Prior today I had never heard of Earthquake Lake. After several stops to read the historical markers, I feel like I've picked up quite a bit about it's modern beginnings. Just under 10 miles north of West Yellowstone lies Hebgen Lake. US 287 rides right along the edge for maybe 15 miles. By this point I've seen lakes all over the country. Aside from Jackson Lake (Grand Tetons as a backdrop, that's just not fair), Hebgen Lake was the most pristine.

In 1959, an earthquake of magnitude 7.5 caused an 80 million ton landslide, giving birth to earthquake lake, just a mile west of Hebgen. Three miles of the old 287 remains under the debris. The landslide is visible on the side of the mountain. The tops of trees still stick up out of the lake where only a river used to be.



I'm off to find Camper's Corner. I doubt there will be wifi so I'm sending in my post before bed time, even though I know the day ain't over until it's over.

Tomorrow starts off with a 2000 ft climb out of Ennis, MT, before I can even digest my Pop Tarts. I'm supposed to be going through an old gold mining town by lunch. I can only imagine the characters that await.