Working Hard to get my Fill

20110727-093822.jpg I've been cruising around in the mountains for almost two weeks now. I feel like I live up here because watching the sun set behind the peaks has become second nature. The elevation changes proved to be a formidable opponent today. I did nearly 80 miles of the route to Jackson. Two separate climbs of 2000 and 1000 feet at the end of the day really wiped me clean.

I rolled in just after 8, later than I'd like to. It was just one of those foggy days, mentally. I feel like I was sleeping for the first 20 miles. Fortunately the campground has showers and wifi, which is more than you can ask from a town of 38 people.

At some point today, or yesterday, I crossed the 3000 mile mark. In many ways I've pounded enough pavement and cranked out enough climbs to cross the United States. In fact, in a car, San Diego to Savannah is about 2,400 miles.

The TransAm is not about the mileage though. It's about being thorough. It takes me out of the way many times. But usually, and these are the recent examples, I find places like Virginia City, or Quake Lake. I do more climbing, I fight more headwinds; but anything worth doing is worth doing right. Everyday I'm seeing the country for what it really is, and you just have to come out and experience it for yourself. When you ride through it all, you'll see why it's worth fighting for.

On a different note, last night I mentioned a rash festering on my abdomen. I'm fairly certain that I ran into some type of fungus in the hot spring in Saratoga. This thing has really broken out, maybe a hundred half centimeter blisters. Wikipedia says it should clear up by itself in a week to 10 days (see Barack, I have rights that give me the choice to use my resources, but I do not have the right to free Health Care). It remains very tender, and irritating to sleep on. Medically it's worth noting that the rash begins precisely above my naval, wraps around my right side to the dead center of my spine. My left side is entirely unaffected; it is fascinating if you think about it. I still say the Hobo Hot Tub was worth it though. We don't have those in Ohio.

Another tough, but unique day. To steal a line from Journey, "Paying anything to roll the dice just one more time." God Bless.