The Oregon Coast

You won't find many hardbodies on the Oregon Coast. The water's too cold and the people aren't here for the vanity. I'm spending another night watching the sun set on a part of the country I don't see too often. I made it to Newport, more specifically South Beach. I'm able to camp near the shore because someone had the presence of mind to keep the coast for the People. Unlike California, most of the beach in Oregon is owned by the state government, making it easily accessible to the public.

I'll basically be on the 101 for the rest of the way up the state. The highway winds along the rocky coast most of the time, sometimes dipping further inland, but never too far away.

I noticed almost immediately the effects of the wind. Ever since Kansas the prevailing winds have blown west to east. Now that I'm on the coast, they go north to south. If you've noticed, both times I've been into the wind. It is what it is.

I saw several cyclists today, all southbound. Some were out for local leisure, others to take down the coast with a portion size they saw fit.

I'm glad I continued my adventure beyond Florence. This northwest corner has been different than what I'm used too. It's early August and I rode with a jacket on all day. The wind was really biting. The locals don't seem to mind the weather but for me it felt like mid October Cleveland day. It's been strange but beautiful.

If you ever want to come see the ocean without all the people, come out to Oregon. They've got great state parks and beaches. Just leave your swim suits at home.

Tomorrow morning I have to replace my rear tire. Somehow through neglect, I've let the tire wear down to the threads almost all the way around. I'm very fortunate that I'm less than 3 miles from a bike shop.

After that pit stop, who knows? Pedal on; thanks be to God.