San Diego, Part 1 of 3

My thoughts of the drive between Flagstaff and San Diego are best captured by posing this question:

What is the role of Indian reservations in the context of open immigration to the United States?

Moreover, should I, an American citizen, be free to move to their segregated community and recieve their benefits? 

Before I ruffle too many feathers, I'll move on, perhaps to be continued another day.

An uneventful 5+ hour drive lead me to Escondido by sunset. The community of 140,000 is spaciously nestled in golden hills just 30 miles from downtown San Diego.

Here, the Michel family calls home. And I am grateful they have carved out a place for me to stay in this little piece of paradise. I was a stranger to them, and they made a place for me.

Chuck, his wife Lindsey, and their children Ashton, Claire, and Emma have been the hosts of hosts.

Not to squander this act of All-American good will I have taken a bite out of the San Diego culture which I'll cover in Part 2.

At the coast on Thursday night I snapped the last sunset before the PCT, which I will start on Sunday.