No Shoes, No Problem

I haven't worn shoes since Vegas, last Monday.

Is this real life? No.

But this is my life for one blissful summer. I'm gonna soak up the sun.

Speaking of sun, Monday was the warmest April day in the city's recorded history. The city is not San Diego though. I've actually covered a lot of ground since my last post. I'm in Seattle.

More specifically I'm in a Seattle coffee shop with an old college roommate who now covers the Sounders (Major League Soccer) for the Seattle times. He's writing an article, I'm writing this blog post. 

How'd I get here? My car.

Why do I still have my car? My toe hurts. 

Why am I in Seattle? To turn lemons into lemonade.

Resting my sprained toe and driving actually go hand in hand. Naturally I felt pairing the two together for 1,200 miles between San Diego and Seattle was a good way to stay off my feet and stay with the spirit of the moment.

Inland, I crosse California on Sunday. Then covered the rest, just in time for Happy Hour in Seattle on Monday.

I love this City, and the Pacific Northwest. My first Seattle experience was the two days to end my bicycle trip across America. That love has not waned in my three subsequent return trips. 

Seattle Fun Fact:

Back in 1851, settlers came to this area and established a townsite named New York (I'm not kidding). But in an act that we should forever recount with gratitude, the settlers moved the townsite in the same year and called the new location Seattle (in honor of a Duwamish indian leader who befriended the settlers). A major west coast city named New York, Washington would have ruined the future travel plans of countless confused international travellers.

So anyway, there was beer involved yesterday, a special beer: Georgetown Brewing Company's Manny's.

Yes the beer is called Manny's. I'll never be able to say for certain if there's a placebo effect involved but I love the stuff and can't visit Seattle without having one.

The brewery is a small Seattle operation. Currently they only produce 50,000 barrels a year and I believe distribution is limited to the immediate surrounding area. 

Naturally, the beer that doesn't leave Seattle beer is dedicated to my old roommate who won't be leaving Seattle anytime soon, Matt Pentz.

Georgetown Brewing Company's Manny's 

Georgetown Brewing Company's Manny's 

If you're still tuning in to follow a thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail, have no fear. I will be returning to San Diego by Saturday, to sell my car, and head out on the adventure that brings you here.

This is all part of the ride. 

The Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile coming in hot on I-5.

The Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile coming in hot on I-5.

Roseburg, Oregon: the timber capital of the U.S.

Roseburg, Oregon: the timber capital of the U.S.