With a Little Help from My Friends

Today started at 2,300 feet above sea level. The hike was end capped by peaks which sandwiched a valley. And tonight I sleep at 4,300 feet.

Mile 32 is the tent site for the night. When I say tent site I mean flat area along the ridge line. There's more climbing to go. The Post Office 10 miles from here sits at 5,900 feet.

Tonight's tent site, like last night's, sits near a dry creek bed. The water I did come across today came from a full function campsite spigot at Mile 20, Lake Morena.

Lake Morena, had a quaint country store of sorts. I was able to buy a pizza, sprite, and Gatorade just a quarter mile off the trail.

Timing the Morena stop well, I killed time at the country store with the girls I camped next to last night, Sarah (26) from Delaware and Sydney (24) from Oregon.

The girls met while working a summer at Yellowstone. They're awesome. And they've been pacing the miles with me, also camped next door at Mile 32 tonight. I'll definitely miss them if the miles start to separate us (they're the fast ones).

The tent site has a cast of characters, all from what I can tell are on various days of their thru hike.

A Seattle guy is out here as well, of the 26 year old white male variety. His name is Daniel and he has a blog covering the PCT at charitablenomads.tumblr.com.

Like me he's 26 and blogging about the PCT. Unlike me, his degree in anthropology has led down the path to retail after college. Yet here we both. What I'm curious to read on his blog, after meeting him, are his takeaways from the various parts of the trail.

Many times in life people with different  life experiences are looking at different views. In this case, we have different life experiences looking at the same view.

Mac and cheese was the meal of the night again. Syndey let me borrow her spoon again because I lost mine on the road trip here. And I'm using Sarah's spare (unlucky) white liter because I managed to break my pink one from the Flamingo in Vegas...

For as much time as you can spend on your own out here, there's close human interactions with strangers to the other extreme.

Good night. 

Hiking in a valley. Greens but no water.

Hiking in a valley. Greens but no water.

Close to Fred's Canyon, my tent site for the night. 

Close to Fred's Canyon, my tent site for the night.