An Object in Motion

This drive will bring me west. When I get to San Diego, I'll sell the car that got me there and begin a 5-month hike that will connect the north and south border of the United States by the mountain trails of California, Oregon, and Washington.

Until a few days ago I intended to fly from Columbus to San Diego. But in the spirit of the moment I decided to eat the plane ticket I purchased and hit the road one last time in this car that has served me well since I graduated from college.

The idea for a Pacific Crest Trail thru-hike was actually born in this very car, on a road trip to Minnesota, seven months ago. Driving by myself from Columbus, Ohio, to Minneapolis, the current happenings of my life spontaneously combusted into a flame of inspiration.

Up to that point, I was on the cusp of purchasing a new truck, negotiating a salary at my job that would shift my focus there towards a life long career, and also admittedly shaking off a case of unrequited love.

That flame of inspiration was  a call to action. If I bought that truck, if I stayed at that job, was this my last chance at an engulfing adventure? Life would surely only require more responsibility down the road.

Without the life responsibilities that require stability present, I  created a plan of action. I decided to wait until the snow started to melt in April, then sell my car and head out to spend 5-months of my life outdoors in the majestic mountains of the west coast.

Here I am now, and the dream is unfolding before my very eyes. On the road just outside of St. Louis, I'll arrive in San Diego early next week. For now, I'm taking the scenic route as my new reality settles in.

I'll leave you with two videos today:

The first is the closest I can get to a theme song for this trip: "California" - Jamestown Revival.

The second is a video short I created of my departure.

"California" - Jamestown Revival

PCT Video Short: "Getting There"